Leyton Cross Social Club

  •  14/10/2023 08:30 PM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

The amazing multi talented Marshall King will provide an evening of Vocal impressions including Rock 'n' Roll legends Elvis and Roy Orbison, hits from great singer/songwriter Neil Diamond and the late Queen front man Freddie Mercury. Well known numbers from Robbie and Pavarotti and maybe even Johnny Cash to name a few. This will be interspersed with light comedy and entertainment.

  •  27/10/2023 07:30 PM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

Eyes down and away we go £12 tickets. £2 entry for non members.

  •  28/10/2023 06:00 AM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

Family Halloween Party - Join us for a spooktacular evening of fun. This event is perfect for families looking to celebrate Halloween in a safe and entertaining environment.

  •  26/11/2023 11:00 AM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

Annual Christmas Fair - please speak to Kristen if you are interested in having a stall. Bar will open - check back here for updates.

  •  02/12/2023 06:30 PM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

Dinner Dance with entertainer Sarah O'Shea, tickets on sale at AGM - our annual posh shin dig! 6.30pm for sit down at 7pm.

  •  09/12/2023 02:00 PM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

Feeling Crafty, Join us for our Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

  •  31/12/2023 07:30 PM
  •   Leyton Cross Road, Wilmington, Dartford, UK

New years eve party with Damian our resident DJ Tickets are £10 members, £12 non members for adults and children £5 members and £6 non members. Tickets ordered through Kristen

  •  30/09/2023 08:30 AM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

This years Bandit Cup - 20 places reserved so far £42 per person held at Cray Valley Golf Club, poster and list in the club

  •  29/09/2023 07:30 PM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

Bar is open 7.30pm and meeting starts at 8pm. Everyone cordially invited. Come along to hear latest news about your club and ask any questions. Time to renew your annual subscription - £10pp. Also chance to buy your dinner dance tickets.

  •  26/09/2023 07:13 PM
  •   Leyton Cross Social Club, Tredegar Road, Dartford, UK

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A non-refundable deposit of £20 to be paid at the time of booking.
The balance of the full hire charge is due for settlement no later than 6 weeks prior to the hiring date. This is only refundable in the event of a cancellation at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
All cheques to be made payable to Leyton Cross Social Club.
Hire of the hall will be subject to the agreement of the conditions which you can download below. Failure to comply with the conditions will immediately cancel the Hirer’s use of the hall and will render the Hirer liable to legal action.

for a complete list of our Terms and Conditions please download the attached document and return to us.


Club Rules Aug 23.doc


Initial Joining Fee £10 per person.  Renewals due 30th September each year. Any lapse in membership will necessitate a new application for membership, plus an additional joining fee.

Annual Fee £10

To pay directly into the membership account please pay to 

LXSC Membership account

Sort Code 20-25-43

Account number - 93131882

By applying for membership, you must agree to adhere to the rules and by-laws of the club

We will always invite you down to the club to see if you like it before accepting any new memberships and new members have to be agreed by the committee.

membership form 2022.pdf

Autumn Update

The shorter days are here, it not only brings changes to the colour of the leaves on the trees it also brings the darker nights and colder mornings.

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Where did the Summer go?

And in the blink of an eye the holidays are over.

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A little history about the origins and formation of             Leyton Cross Social Club To begin…………… Sometime during WWII, the seed of an idea was planted by a few families in the area central to Leyton Cross road to bring together families firstly aiming to lift the spirts of young children by organizing sports days held on the playing field at Oakfield Lane with their parents occasionally enjoying a game of cards over a tipple, and I’m sure endless cups of tea.  Soon after the war ended this now growing group of families were able to lease the empty land in Tredegar Road at a very reasonable rate, and with the efforts of mostly volunteers funded the construction of a timber framed Hall on the site. The founder members formed a small committee and the dream of a Club for the community was up and running.   

I’ve got ahead of this story…………… So, here’s some known background knowledge of the site prior to war time………. At the turn of the century into the 1900’s the area was a mixture of arable land, orchards and a pig farm with some cottages to one side of Tredegar road (only a dirt track at this time).  It must have been in the early 1920’s that a Kent gravel mining company purchased the site, including the land behind and to the left of the Club who then over a relatively short time excavated hundreds of tons of sand/gravel leaving an enormous pit.   

We know that in 1928 the site exhausted of its gravel was sold to the prominent Dartford Engineering Company of J & E Hall who were licensed to use the site for the back fill of primarily foundry sands and ashes………I say primarily as over the years building projects found not only deposits of molten metals, stainless steel lathe swarf and even old leather boots ( but, alas never a pair!) and in 2010 when a sizable grant from the “National Lottery” was won, which plus our own savings, enabled us to constructed a new slightly larger and insulated rear Equipment Store areas, replacing the old damp an cold concrete construction……… and during which time we unearthed a WWII tin hat (but sadly not much was left of it).   

So, getting back to the story…… through the late 40’s and 50’s the social side of the Club flourished holding a few dances each year and numerous more frequent social gatherings. 

Until………… I guess in around 1956 when the Committee and Trustees decided to have building plans drawn up for a new Building to provide a large Club Hall, Kitchen, and toilet block areas… funded through donations from its growing membership and obviously a quite sizable mortgage. This also allowed the purchase of the land which did at the time extend to the rear which now is the road way to the bungalows in Wallis Close……. This land subsequently sold to the estate developers in the mid 70’s.   

The main building was completed, as we all know, in 1958 and managed by a very active Management Committee who were tasked to run and look after the Club, carrying out most of the monthly maintenance jobs and up keep of the Club and grounds. The Club had by this time a full-time caretaker and regular cleaner with volunteers plus committee members tackling everything but necessary specialist work that they couldn’t themselves cover.   

Through the following decade funds allowed for the creation of firstly the side Bar extension, completed in 1976, then eleven years later construction of the bar lounge and furnishings in 1987, and also then upgrades to the toilet facilities and fitting of new window units.     In the early 1980’s the committee strived and succeeded in getting a large grant from the “Foundation for Sports and the Arts” enabling the internal Hall area to get a full upgrade, including a refit of the Kitchen area. Moving forward, the original bar was replaced with, what we now see, back in 2000, which has recently been refitted with additional drinks cooler units.   

Also, over this difficult past year or so, we have undertaken the noticeable re-varnishing of the hall floor plus the necessary roof re-surfacing job, and pretty much the redecoration of the whole Club, plus curtains, radiators (the list goes on and on).   Getting back to what went on at the new Club facility in the sixties………. Dinner dances, Singers, Bands, Discos, Quizzes, Car Rallies, race nights and even bonfire night parties were the main stay of the social calendar……. and most still are! organized by the Committee and volunteers, and thanks to the support of our members who enjoy coming along. Also, it can be said that the Club certainly would struggle to meet our running costs year on year were it was not for our valued and regular hall hirer’s.  Just for instance, since I think the late 1970’s there has been, without missing a year, five different and varying preschool play groups and long may they continue to serve our ever-changing community.   Going back again…… in the 1950’s and through the sixties the Club hosted a weekly and well attended whist drive card school and ladies keep fit sessions for a considerable number of years, and also a “home” wine and beer making group (what nights those were!), together with a Brownies Troup, the yearly bonfire and firework display for .Guy Fawkes Night, plus Race nights, Darts, Quiz nights and of course, a longstanding dog training school, all which were for through these early years and beyond the main stay of the regular events enjoyed by all our Club members.   

Moving on………Formed in the early 80’s we still have a well-attended weekly Short Mat Bowls section and a monthly Bingo Night, plus lots of hall lets giving the members the opportunity to take come and take part Line Dancing, or weekly Yoga and Pilates classes. We are also home to “Leytra”, the local Active Retirement Association held on usually the third Thursday afternoon of each month. 

Interested in anything we get up to then please see our Webpage for full details and contact details should you wish to be a member of the Social Club.