1920 Kent Gravel Mining Company. (Pearson family)Excavated hundreds of tons, creating a huge pit, creating an area from Tredegar Road to the pavement outside the bungalow at the side of Wallis Close and partially to the left hand side of the property, no 12
1928 Land sold to Dartford Engineering Co, J&E Hall, to backfill area.
1949 Plans submitted for a new timber framed hall
Soon after the war, families in Tredegar Road were able to rent empty land
at very reasonable rates. Efforts of volunteers funded construction of the timber framed hall and members formed a small Committee.
1952. PP for store given
1957 PP for new hall – on footprint as it now stands
1958 Building completed
1961 Wayleave granted for electric line.
1970 Mr Turner chairman of club.
1970 Land sold to developers to access Wallis Close
1970 Mr Moore elected Chairman of club.
1970 Encroachment of 3ft 6ins into club grounds by Mr. Smith. Mr Smith his Deeds and ours Differ and this was taken to solicitors Bailey & Goff. Club thinks they are right but no measurements on club plans so not worth taking to court. A suggested marker post to be put down on boundary. Mr Moore unable to obtain original trust documents and not even sure they were drawn up. New documents asked to be drawn up
1974 Mr Hart elected chairman 313 members – no proxy votes allowed.
1977 PP rear extension. Estimate from Dartford Portable Buildings for an extension on back of hall 24’ 6” x 10’ at a cost of £1,111 and passed by majority.
1976 Mr Plant elected Chairman
1977 Planning permission from DBC for garage extension at rear. Approximately £1050. Fire doors made.
1977 New tables and chairs purchased.
1979 Noise controller put in £450
1979 Colin Treble elected Chairman
1979 Planning permission received for bar extension. Approx. £2,600
1980 PP granted for side extension. But not undertaken.
1981 Limit 300 members – had waiting list.
1981 Swift builders did bar extension for £3,994.
1982 Windows double glazed £300
1982 Hand driers purchased £170
1984 Meeting with DBC neighbours etc. to discuss sale of land at rear of hall. The Committee only intended outline plans to be submitted. Planning permission granted for bungalow fronting Wallis Close and expected to raise £20,000.
1985 Pay telephone installed in kitchen
1986. PP for lounge extension and car park.
1987 Bar/Lounge built. Birchwood Builders £9,365. Furniture for lounge £2,600
1987 Number of committee members increased from 7 to 9
1990 refurbished toilets £6,098 – Birchwood Builders
1991 Dropped ceiling – concealed lights £6,200 – Birchwood Builders
1992 New double glazed PVC windows £990
1994 Barry Saunders Chairman
1996 £7,500 grant from Foundation for Sport and the Arts to upgrade the main hall (suspended ceiling) electrics and purchase bowling equipment,
1997 Refurbish kitchen and new boiler £6000
1999 Bar refurbishment £5,300 (Birchwood Builders) + glass washer £1500
1999 PVC fascia and cladding plus shiplap at front approx. £750
1999 Lagging of loft carried out. Water tank only partially disconnected as tank supplies sink in bar.
2000 Ken Harrison elected Chair
2002 New flooring for toilets and lobby approx. £1500
2002 Front patio – Birchwood Builders
2006 Barry Saunders Chairman
2007 Rear patio
2007 Neighbour put in new fence
2010 2 new bowls mats – grant from Sport England of £1,400 – cost £1,620
2010 Kitchen Refurbishment £500 grant towards it from KCC – new worktops and decorations
2011 Demolition of existing store. PP granted for larger store built on back of main hall £22,157 - £10,000 grant from Lottery – Awards for All. Malcolm Wilkes
2012 Table Tennis & Filing Cabinet Grant of £500 from KCC – Cost £596
Minutes missing from 2010-2013
2012 Barbara Morris Chair
2013 Loft ladder installed
2013 Defibrillator installed with donation of equipment from Heartsine, £866 from KCC and £250 from parish council towards cabinet.
2013  Car park sensor lights installed
2013  New club sign installed
2014  Grill for bar installed
2014  New hall curtains
2014  New lights for lounge and bar
2015  Rejigging of bar area and new fridge
2015  Dimmer lights installed in hall
2016  Bifold doors replaced between hall and lounge
2016  Front façade replaced
2016  Artificial grass on raised bed
2016  Loft sprayed for asbestos
2017  Sleepers put in car park
2017  Dummy CCTV installed
2017  New carpet in lounge/bar £1895
2017  New curtains £1100
2019  New cooker. Grant KCC
2019  Roof over bar area/lounge/toilet & kitchen resurfaced in felt circa £5,000
2020  New Dyson hand dryers in toilets
2021  New extraction system installed to replace old one, through Air Force One at a cost of £7,098
2021  New wooden exterior lounge door - approx. £1600
2022 Steel fence put up to separate grassed area from car park to make safer for the nursery. Circa £4,500. New sleepers purchased
2022  New handrail by bar door
2022 Sound system renewed £3840
New system has each speaker working independently and speakers in lounge. £750 grant from KCC
2023 Car Park refurbished
Compacted pea shingle removed and replaced with semi porous tarmac with
French drain alongside neighbours’ fence. PP granted.- approx. £41,000. Grant from DBC for £4,000
2023 New kitchen cupboard fronts and cupboards lined – approx. £2,000