11 Sep

Well for those of you that attended the car rally on Sunday i hear it was a great success and i look forward to seeing some photo's and hearing all about it, the car park looked very busy and people were still there at 6pm.  Thank you to everyone that helped arrange it and also those who came.

For those of you that have never tried Yoga, I gave it a go last night at our first class at the club and I have to say if you haven't done it before, give it a go.  It is very low impact so didn't aggravate my bad back and I came away feeling very relaxed and stretchy, definitely going back.  Fiona is a great teacher and explains everything really well as we go through the moves - come along and give it a try its only £5 per lesson.

Don't forget our next Bingo is on 20th September this month due to the AGM being on 27th so will see you there.

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